Good day and welcome to the Rebelhead podcast – where i explore the disruptive world of modern business, entrepreneurship, creativity and success. Regular listeners will be used to the deep dive interview format I usually undertake in every episode, but Rebelhead is a living breathing organism, and you are here on the journey as part of the Tribe to witness it evolve and grow over time…

So, today I’ve got a rather unique episode for you. I am handing the reigns over to a good friend of mine, Jessica Ellis. Jess is founder and Managing Director of Indigo Pop – her third business to date.

Indigo Pop are a specialist talent management consultancy for start ups. Jess is not only an exceptional entrepreneur, but also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to THE most important element of your business – the people. Finding the right talent, attracting the best minds and building a team in alignment to the vision of your company is super tough. I know this first hand, I have built a company from 1 to over 30 people;  and I’m now currently recruiting for roles in London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles & San Francisco – so can completely relate to how difficult it is to find the right people, and, how expensive it is when things don’t work out.
I have had so many discussions with people over the last few months about this topic, and there’s been an influx of questions coming in about recruiting and building the perfect team.   So I wanted to get someone in to share their expert advice, and give us all some amazing tips when it comes to finding talent, and bringing people into your business.

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In this episode Jess talks about:

  • How you can overcome the common objections you will come up against when searching for talent simply by changing your process, and challenging the traditional way in which recruitment is approached
  • Jess’s top tips and key insight into the things you can do to shake up your strategy for hiring talent to make sure you’re not missing out on candidates that could really add value to your business
  • The challenges her clients have faced when competing for talent and how to go up against competitors, or manage counter offers
  • Jess talks about what one of the biggest tech companies in the world do in their hiring process, and how you too can do the same.

Loads and loads of great advice from Jess here. And of course, in true Rebelhead fashion Jess shares a few personal anecdotes from her own entrepreneurial journey, and ends with the a few nuggets from the Rebel Wrap Up Round!

As always thank you the wonderful Rebelhead listeners for being part of this tribe. If you listen to this and think it could provide value to any of your colleagues, friends or fellow entrepreneurs then do please share.


About the STAR Programme:

Talent acquisition specialists Indigo Pop are on a mission to help the most worthy tech startup win that challenge – and best of all, they want to help them for free.

The STAR Programme, which launched today (Monday 3rd October 2016), welcomes applications from all tech startups based in the capital.

All applicants to the programme will be given an all-expenses paid invitation to a tech talent acquisition workshop, where they will get tips and helpful advice from experts about the best way to acquire a talented workforce.

Shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend the closing event which will play host to a number of key industry figures and investors. The winner will be the startup who has impressed the panel of judges from official partners Capital Enterprise, Lean Investments and tech.london

The winner of STAR 2016 will get full talent acquisition support from Indigo Pop for three months. Indigo Pop will support the winner by offering headhunting, recruitment and executive search services as well as the basics such as cv sifting, advice and workshops. And remember, this is all at no cost to whatsoever.

Founder of Lean Investments Tim Jackson is one of the key leaders in tech and is supporting the programme. He said: “Recruiting the right people is one of the key ingredients in making a startup succeed. We’re happy to be involved in this great project to get the word out to founders about how they can bring the best talent into their companies — and also to meet some of the talented CEOs who come forward!”

Commenting on the STAR 2016 launch, Indigo Pop CEO Jessica Ellis, said “We know that hiring the services of a talent consultancy or recruitment agency can be a huge expense for a startup. A cost that could run into the thousands. We are really excited to be in a position to launch STAR so that we can find the startup, entrepreneur or founder that really needs us the most. A startup that might have been struggling to find talent currently as they can’t afford the agency fees to bring in professional recruiters or headhunters.”

Whether you are looking for a co-founder, have plans to bring in fellow Directors or scale up and implement a full team; you can apply

You can get an application form By emailing jessica.ellis@indigopop.co.uk or visiting www.indigopop.co.uk.  Closing date for applications is at 5pm on Wednesday 19th October and the final event will be held at a top London venue on Thursday 27th October.


The Rebel Wrap Up Round

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received, who gave it to you and how has it positively affected your career?

Everything happens for a reason. It’s hard to keep this in mind when things get tough, but it never fails to serve me well; and as I look back my journey just wouldn’t be what it is without all the ups and downs, and twists and turns.

What is the one generally agreed upon rule, or conventional piece of wisdom that you disagree with?

The 9-5 working week. I really believe companies should stamp out this tradition and be more flexible. There is great value in the principles of a 4 day working week, and giving employees more freedom.  

What’s your definition of entrepreneurship?

Someone who is a creator – but not just the creator of a business. It’s someone who takes risks, pushes the boundaries and never gives up on their vision.  

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