18 John Richardson Body 1John Richardson – By the age of 28 John had the largest sandwich business in Ireland, lost it all, and has gone on to become one of the most respected serial entrepreneurs of the last decade having built a number of award winning seven figure businesses.

He is an expert in many fields including: marketing and launching digital products, in building award winning bricks & mortar establishments, implementing systems and creating million pound businesses by thinking differently and challenging conventional wisdom

John has been a consultant to some of the UK’s best known coffee chains. He is author of FIVE books, including the smash hit best-seller ‘Dream On’ – which is currently being made into a film!

John is the embodiment of what can be achieved with vision, energy and focus.

This man is one of a kind. Started his entrepreneurial journey building multi-million pound bricks and mortar establishments (Ireland biggest sandwich shop chain for example); and in ths you’ll hear the story of how he lost it all before he turned 30, and the great thing is he shares what he has learnt from that to ensure he never makes those mistakes again, and exactly how he has used what he has learnt to build many more massively successful businesses both online and offline.

John spends much of his time teaching and coaching entrepreneurs and businesses owners; and he shares so many tips, and tactics every single one of us can start to apply today. If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, if you are an entrepreneur, in you’re curious about developing yourself in any aspect of life you need to listen to this.  

We cover so much in the fast paced interview including:

  • How to find a lucrative market or niche
  • How to make £120k from one webinar
  • How use content to sell just about anything
  • The importance of focusing on money before focusing on the why
  • Johns 4 core productivity tactics
  • And how his passion for golf, turned into a New York Times best selling book, and is now being made into a movie!

If you want a motivational kick in the ass, and a brutally frank account of what it takes to really be an entrepreneur, behind the perceived glammar this is the episode for you

I don’t know if there is a podcast to date that has just as much incredible advice, practical tips, usable theory and general smack you in the face wisdom as this

John was over in Ireland when we recorded this, so the glitch internet gremlins rear their ugly heads from time to time but it’s only for milliseconds here and there and nothing

This is an hour and a quarter of podcast gold that could very well change your life.
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  • I’m eternally fascinated by what it is that helps people grow businesses
  • Treat life like a University course, treat it as something you have to keep working at
  • How wonderful to be able to go out there, learn stuff, and create income out of it rather than being tied down to the job or what somebody else wants you to do
  • I have an obsession with looking and trying to find the system
  • When you are an entrepreneur, there are multiple variables. There’s a jigsaw that you have to have in place
  • It directly led through to thinking, well is there another way? Keep digging, keep digging, keep digging
  • If you’re out there trying to sell information, you have to have the confidence that you really can provide a result and a solution  
  • More than 95% of business books do not get read past the first chapter
  • You need to look at the area that you genuinely, 100% hand on heart, know that you can make a difference in
  • For every word you speak on your subject, you should know 100 more
  • I went to the people who could really help me get the results, I didn’t do the conventional thing
  • What were the 20% of things I could focus on that would get me the biggest results
  • The crossover between what you can do in business and what you can do in sport is incredibly high, you’re doing very similar things in many ways
  • I’m massively obsessed with productivity
  • I’m very protective of my time, and I’m very protective of who can contact me and when
  • Unless this is someone who’s paying me an awful lot of money, I make sure people contact me on my terms
  • I never want to lie on my deathbed with regrets
  • I never want to work with people who I don’t enjoy being around
  • I don’t want to have regrets of things I haven’t done, and I also don’t want to have regrets of things I did for too long
  • It’s really really important, you’ll come away from every conversation either slightly up or slightly down
  • I very much want to be around people, and will actively remove myself from situations, almost to the point of rudeness, when I hang around with people who I feel are pulling me down
  • If you don’t think it’s all about the money, just go and stand in the bankruptcy court for a day and look at the staggering level of pain  
  • I need to be very careful of just encouraging people to go down the entrepreneurial route, because it’s not for everyone it’s really not
  • People live in denial enormously that it will all work OK
  • You can really be a huge success in many areas, but what it boils down to far far more is the actual hard graft the work, the process, that’s where the magic is.
  • Be the sort of person who does what they say they’re going to do
  • We all have an identity, and if you can find out what that identity is in terms of what matters to you and you push that button or metaphorically twist that knife it can be very very powerful
  • Two thirds of us are driven by wanting to move away from the pain, rather than the joy of the goal
  • I’m always looking for ways to get off my arse!
  • Most of us don’t want to get off our arse and do the tough things, so you have to find ways
  • It’s really difficult to do interesting stuff and see it through
  • Your ‘why’ begins with what you want. Then you flip 180 degrees and wipe out everything you want and focus on what the customer wants; and then you bring the two together.
Links & People

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Time Stamped Notes
  • 00:04:28 – An overview of John’s story. Setup 19 different businesses!
  • 00:12:12 – On the values instilled when John was growing up
  • 00:13:32 – On the concept of money
  • 00:15:47 – John’s first big failure at the age of 29, loosing a multi-million pound sandwich shop
  • 00:19:43 – The importance of finding a niche, and selling information
  • 00:21:58 – How to get customers through content and engagement. John’s personal formula
  • 00:24:18 – John’s formula for writing content that actually gets read. A piece of practical theory first. Then a story about how it’s been used in the real world successfully, either in one of his businesses, his clients businesses, or by someone famous.
  • 00:25:58 – Importance of storytelling to sell products or communicate theory
  • 00:27:48 – How to establish and identify a niche, and gain credibility and authority in that niche
  • 00:28:57 – How John sold TEN £12,000 courses from ONE webinar; using the 7 question planning process, to help people come up with a one page strategic plan for their business
  • 00:30:06 –  Finding size of market by looking at how many trade magazines serve it
  • 00:31:20 – How exactly to upsell a product, even after you’ve given away a lot of info for free
  • 00:36:00 – Always find a 7 step or 10 step process
  • 00:37:28 – John’s incredible golf story, and how this can be applied to business
  • 00:40:18 – How John found a process for writing a Global best selling book, which is now being turned into a film
  • 00:43:00 – On productivity, and John’s four critical steps for achieving business goals. Which are: 1. Work out when you are most productive, and be uber careful of protecting that. 2. Work as much as you can from a schedule, rather than to-do lists. 3. Contain the way people can contact you, and how you like to be contacted. 4. Stop yourself getting distracted by creating techniques
  • 00:47:20 – On the passionate drive John has, deriving from the mantra that he never wants to lie on his deathbed with regrets.
  • 00:48:14 – Conquering moments of self doubt
  • 00:50:49 – On Success and measures of success
  • 00:52:03 – On the importance of money
  • 00:54:50 – On the questions you should asking yourselves to find out IF entrepreneurship is right for you
  • 01:04:53: – Working on strengths rather than working on weaknesses
  • 01:05:03: – The 7 questions that entrepreneurs need to have

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths fall into three categories:


  1. THings you do very well, that could be done by someone else at give or take minimum wage. You hand them over and stop doing them
  2. Things you can do that you can get paid a high rate for. I.e. £250 per hour
  3. Strengths that provide long term value and asset for the business. For example.
    • Cultivating joint venture relationships for example. So you get no immediate revenue, but you may get long term business deals out of it.
    • Building process for the business.
    • Coaching managers.
The Rebel Wrap Up Round

If you could go back to any point in your life, and have 1 hour with your past self; what moment would it be and what would you tell yourself?

00:57:03 The age of 15, and I what I would want someone to say to me is; if you want something, it’s 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.  You can be a huge success in many areas, but what it boils down to far far more is the actual hard graft, the work, the process, that’s where the magic is.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received, who gave it to you and how has it positively affected your career?

00:58:57 Be the sort of person who does what they say they’re going to do.

Who is the most disruptive, rebellious or revolutionary entrepreneur of the last 2 years?

01:02:15 Gary Vaynerchuk.

What is the one generally agreed upon rule or conventional piece of wisdom, that you disagree with?

01:08:19 Focusing only on your strengths. You NEED to fix your weaknesses.

I also disagree with the whole premise of Simon Sinek’s start with why book.  

If you could change one law what would it be?

01:10:03:10 I would change the amount of people who believe in that original version of The Law of Attraction.

I also wish I was invisible so I could walk into the bank and steal all the money!

Any of the residual laws that still hang out there about differences between men and women, out dated sexuality laws.

What’s your definition of entrepreneurship?

01:11:48 The ability to make money out of doing stuff that you love.

What advice would you give to anyone listening to this who wants to become a creator entrepreneur?

01:13:18 Fully understand, that it is a process that is way over and above just getting a customer.

Who do you nominate to be a guest on the RebelHead Entrepreneurs podcast?

01:13:39 Paula MacArthur: http://www.paulamacarthur.com/

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