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Matt Lovett, aged only 24 is founder and CEO of Wow Media, a global brand running a range of online services. Matt started his online marketing career at only 13 years old, and funded his first website by selling sweets at school. He has since gone on to win numerous prestigious awards, such as The Daily Mail Enterprising Young Brit Award, and was voted Business Person of the Year 2015.

His entrepreneurial ventures have seen him be commended on national television and he has even been commended by Sir Richard Branson himself.

Matt Lovett, an incredible entrepreneur who started started his first online business at 13, and by the time he left school was earning more money than his head teacher the senior principle in his school.  

As always we cover Matt’s journey in details,

  • How he got into business, and exactly what he did to become so profitable so young
  • The big lessons he has learned about spreading risk
  • Where and how he invests his money outside of his business
  • How he has dealt with fear and self confidence issues
  • How he organises his time
  • And meeting Richard Branson

Matt’s a real testament to hard work and perseverance, and really opens up about his personal habits and demons.

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  • I was making £15k a month the age of 16
  • I never made a conscious decision to be in business, it just happened
  • [At the age of 16] I remember my headmaster coming up to me and saying “Well done, you’re earning more than me now”
  • Being an entrepreneur can be quite a lonely road
  • I’ve never had a business plan, I’ve just learnt as I’ve gone along
  • When I was at school I wasn’t really interested in learning, but asI’ve got older I’ve understood how important it is to be curious and to understand things
  • I was spending £1,000 a month on taxis because I couldn’t be bothered to learn how to drive
  • I’m always looking for ways to make things more effective and do things more quickly
  • Sometimes you’ve just got to make a decision and move on and focus on the big picture at the end of the day
  • You can’t let yourself get worried about every single decision you’re going to make or you’ll never end up moving forward
  • You should never do a job you don’t enjoy, you should do a job for fun
  • Things can be automated, if I can make someone’s job easier and less boring, that’s what I’ll dot
  • There’s no point getting upset about a mistake, the best thing to do is move on, get over it and think how does this never ever happen again
  • I lack a lot of confidence. I self doubt myself a lot.
  • I’ve been a big believer in just trying to push myself to do whatever all the
  • The biggest change I’ve made in recent years is becoming more calm
  • My definition of success is running a business that stands out, revolutionises an industry and becomes a market leader
  • My aim is to be the number 1
  • Revolutionise the industry and really offer something that no one else offers

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Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:03:30 – On starting as an entrepreneur at 13 years old
  • 00:08:28 – On values instilled when Matt was young, and earning more than his teacher at the age of 16
  • 00:14:20 – On steps to becoming a serious businessman at 16
  • 00:17:32 – On Matt’s first major business pivot
  • 00:19:59 – Matt launching a game and getting 100,000 downloads in a couple of months
  • 00:22:43 – On the importance of being curious, and self education
  • 00:25:33 – On setbacks, and revenue drops, losing it all and having to start again.
  • 00:30:40 – On Pressure and responsibility
  • 00:32:16 – On managing finances
  • 00:35:50 – on purposefully not over thing and over analysing
  • 00:36:51 – On why Matt chose to be an entrepreneur
  • 00:38:56 – On loving what you do, flexi hours, company culture
  • 00:41:32 – On uncertainty and spreading risk
  • 00:42:27 – Investments and peer to peer loans
  • 00:44:02 – On biggest mistakes
  • 00:46:28 – On biggest personal flaws and insecurities (confidence)
  • 00:50:23 – on fear of failing
  • 00:55:51 – On becoming calmer and not letting mistakes pull you down
  • 00:58:44 – On definitions of success
  • 00:59:33 – Meeting Richard Branson
The Rebel Wrap Up Round

If you could go back to any point in your life, and have 1 hour with your past self; what moment would it be and what would you tell yourself?

01:01:20 Go back to when I was 10 and advise I build Facebook!

But seriously, everything’s been a learning curve so I don’t think I would change anything. It’s all brought me to where I am today.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received, who gave it to you and how has it positively affected your career?

01:02:19 I’ve never really had advisors, and I haven’t received that much advice. The biggest thing I’ve picked up is not to let fear hold you back, and just to dive in and do it, jump in and do it.

What is the one generally agreed upon rule or conventional piece of wisdom, that you disagree with?

01:03:16 Education is pushed on people too much – the conventional way of, go to school, you go to University, and you get a job. Not enough people consider entrepreneurship.

If you could change one law what would it be?

01:03:44 The cookie law. Some people in government decided this should be a law, but they have NO idea how the internet works. It’s just stupid.

Who is the most disruptive, rebellious or revolutionary entrepreneur of the last 2 years?

01:04:11 Alexander Solomou. Founder of TheLadBible.

What’s your definition of entrepreneurship?

01:05:14 Someone that takes risks. Follows their idea. To be an entrepreneur you’ve got to go all in. You’ve got to put 100% into it. You’ve got to take the risk of not having a job and be willing to do it full time.

What advice would you give to anyone listening to this who wants to become a creator entrepreneur?

01:05:50 Just go out and do it.  

Who do you nominate to be a guest on the RebelHead Entrepreneurs podcast and can you sum them up in one word?

01:06:02 Oliver Kenyon. LoveCars.com

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