9 Charles Ngo BODY 1Charles Ngo, one of the world’s most successful affiliate marketers.

Having made his first $1,000,000 profit within the first year of starting his career back in 2008 – Charles’ has since gone on to rise from strength to strength and is now recognised across the world as one of THE face’s of the Internet Marketing Space.  

Charles is incredible, he’s already a multimillionaire; but is so driven and has an uncompromising determination to succeed in life that he constantly pushes himself to think bigger and bigger and is on a mission to become a billionaire – without ever taking short cuts, compromising his integrity or doing anything other than what he loves and what he believes in.

We speak deeply about:

  • Charles’ personal productivity tactics
  • The power of psychology; including practical tips we can adopt immediately
  • The books he reads
  • The routines he adopts on a daily basis
  • How he manages to stay so motivated – despite being in a position to never have to work again.
  • His ambition to become a billionaire

This episode is packed with inspirational stories, tips and advice. Rocket fuel for your motivation; and I’m sure you’re going to want to listen to it more than once.



9 Charles Ngo BODY 2

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  • I don’t need another vacation. My ability to change the world involves sacrifices.
  • To me happiness is progress
  • Wealthy people plan for three generations, poor people plan for a Saturday night
  • There has always been an inherent dissonance and discomfort in me – maybe the system isn’t right.  
  • The system doesn’t want me to succeed, the system wants me to be a good employee
  • The most important thing is that initial spark
  • When you change a path it should be with more information, better information, than when you started
  • A lot of what we think is just God given talent, has actually been developed, nurtured and learned
  • Establish the right habits, build them over time and you’re going to see those big successes v
  • Entrepreneurship is not about the competition, it’s not about your idea, it’s a war within yourself
  • In the beginning, successes is a resource game, and you have four resources: Time, Energy, Money, Attention
  • A lot of people have challenged me to think bigger, to try and become a billionaire
  • Systems building will change your mindset
  • Every night without exception I get 7.5 hours sleep
  • Routines and habits are the cornerstone of what I do
  • Whenever you have a business, always think about scale
  • Think of content marketing like a Buffallo. Use every single part of it.
  • Show me your bank account statements, and show me your calendar , and I’ll show you what’s important to you
  • I want to do something and I did it my way NOT according to anyone else’s way
  • I know without a shadow of a doubt, if I go broke tomorrow, I’m going to make it all back
  • Failure is a part of the game. You can’t avoid it. Just realise that with each failure there is a seed of success
  • My biggest mistake is not thinking bigger
Links & People
Time Stamped Notes

00:03:57 – The two types of Internet Entrepreneurs
00:05:28 – Why Charles was depressed with the ‘perfect life’
00:06:54 – I was happy when I was making progress, that was the big Ah-ha moment
00:10:51 – On the importance of Books for Charles
00:14:05 – On confidence, and reverse engineering confidence as a skill
00:16:33 – Exercise you can undertake to stop feeling bad by ‘comparing’ yourself to those around you.
00:17:42 – The lesson in having the balls to quit or change
00:21:54 – Charles’ early systems
00:22:49 – How Charles started to get into making money online
00:24:54 – Brief overview of ‘Affiliate Marketing’
00:27:31 – Risk vs Reward mentality
00:29:54 – Bright shiny object syndrome and commitment
00:32:00 – Success mentality and habit building
00:34:54 –  The four Success resources: Time, Energy, Money, Attention
00:38:29 – What Charles has learned from his mentors. The power of generosity
00:40:47 – Making his first $75k profit, almost losing it all, then making his first $1million
00:44:18 – Systems building
00:50:32 – On Productivity
00:53:08 – Charles’ morning routine
00:58:49 – On Scale
01:02:04 – On personal brand
01:04:20 – On Charles’ Blog schedule  and the importance of email
01:08:15 – Tips on releasing content on ALL social channels
01:12:14 – On the common traits of successful people
01:17:27 – On creativity and art in business
01:22:17 – On what Charles has had to Rebel against
01:28:54 – on Empathy as a flaw in Charles

The Rebel Wrap Up Round

If you could go back to any point in your life, and have 1 hour with your past self; what moment would it be and what would you tell yourself?

01:33:40 – Graduation day of high school; tell myself that anything that was important at school isn’t important any more – and you can get good at anything you want to do. To not listen to what anyone else has to say, and to always think bigger.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received, who gave it to you and how has it positively affected your career?

01:34:24 – If you want to success faster, then fail twice as fast. I’m always looking for the magic bullet, but if you want to become successful you have to fail hard.

Who is the most disruptive, rebellious or revolutionary entrepreneur or creator of the last 2 years?

01:35:05 – Travis Kalanick from Uber.

What is the one generally agreed upon rule or conventional piece of wisdom, that you disagree with?

01:35:42 – You need schooling to become successful in life.

If you could change one law what would it be?

01:37:09  – I think anyone should be able to marry whoever they want.  

What’s your definition of entrepreneurship?

01:37:55 – To be able to create value in this world and get paid for it

What advice would you give to anyone listening to this who wants to become an entrepreneur?

01:38:13 – It’s not late. If you want to be successful it’s all internal. DOn’t blame outside circumstances, don’t blame excuses it starts from within yourself.

Who do you nominate to be a guest on the RebelHead Entrepreneurs podcast and can you sum them up in one word?

01:38:40 – Malan Darras. Creative.  

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Max Pepe

Max spent the first 8 years of his career in music, touring and recording with two UK / US rock bands. With a passion for marketing, Max launched a digital marketing agency in 2012. In three years grew a team from 2 people to 30, driving 800% growth year on year. Max now believes there is a massive disconnect between the world of business and the world of creativity. To address this problem, REBELHEAD was born. Max speaks regularly around the world about marketing and entrepreneurship. In 2016 gave a TEDxTalk titled 'Challenge the Concept That You're Either an Artist or a Business Person'. Aside from Rebelhead, Max is VP Marketing for award winning mobile tech company, Mozoo - and consults on marketing and growth for scale ups.

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