Entrepreneurs, creative artists and business professionals alike are renowned for adopting habits and respecting personal values which contribute towards their success. Perspective, passion and skill, bundled with a catalogue of experience, are just a few attributes possessed by those carving out their own career path. We’ve identified six of the most powerful personality traits that fuel creativity and entrepreneurship, providing advantages in whatever you do:

1. Confidence

Confidence can be very difficult to control and keep hold of and is something many people struggle with. Confidence issues can manifest in many different ways; from sharing ideas and trying new things, to standing up in front of people and saying “this is what I’m building, this is what I’m creating”. For newer entrepreneurs and creatives, confidence can be difficult due to an internal (perceived) lack of experience. But by being confident, believing in our projects, and executing with passion, we earn trust and respect.

2. Freedom to Accept Mistakes

Nobody is perfect. Entrepreneurs need to make mistakes and learn from them in order to grow. Feel free to let go of total perfectionism. Don’t be afraid that something might go wrong. If it does, it’s an opportunity to test, learn, grow, and improve.

There’s a great article by Oliver Burkeman; ‘Everyone is totally just winging it, all the time’, which describes the startling, yet reassuring realisation that really everyone – even world leaders – are taking things as they come. So on days when things go wrong and we don’t know our next move, remember: nobody was born with all the answers. Everyone is human and has to learn from experience.

3. Thinking ‘Outside The Box’

Having a creative dream and wanting to build something that nobody has ever seen or heard of before is how most creative projects and business plans start. Having the vision to create something unique or ‘outside the box’ and solve a problem that nobody else can, is what drives innovation and invention and transforms the way we live.

4. Collaborative Skills

The people we collaborate with will help make or break our vision. From building a team to working together on a project, good collaborative skills are needed to keep the wheels turning. Trust, respect and communication are crucial; the people we choose to work with need to have confidence in us, respect in what we’re trying to achieve, and trust in our decisions. If we take the time to build relationships with the right partners, contributors and collaborators, we’ll see great results.

5. Adaptability

Entrepreneurs are always working to better ourselves and our work; they adapt to fit their skills to changing situations. As technology allows more people to work more remotely, the 9 to 5 lifestyle is becoming less popular and we are witness to the rising number of digital nomads. According to Forbes, 77% of millennials say that flexible work hours are key to boosting productivity.

6. Focus

Why are we doing what we’re doing? We need to know. Whether we’re building something, strategy planning or getting creative, we must identify the purpose of the task. Think: what’s my focus? Who is our target audience? What are the challenges I can solve? Those who succeed keep focus by remembering the challenges that need to be addressed and knowing the goals they want to achieve.

About The Author

Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones is a contributor for Rebelhead Entrepreneurs. Building a world out of written word, Lucy is a poet, artist, writer, and Head of Content at a UK based Digital Marketing Agency. She writes about entrepreneurial mindsets, philosophies, productivity and creative business observations. Admiring the disruptive mindset of America’s beat poets, literary rebels, and Gonzo journalists, Lucy has studied in America, travelled alone, written for Gap Year companies, and believes plans are guidelines to exactly what won’t happen - but that going off-route opens the door to the best opportunities. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.” - Hunter S. Thompson

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