Attention Potential Space Citizen

So it’s all fun and novel now, but what if these guys actually start to make it a reality??

The gist of it is that you, me, and your cat(?) can become citizens of the nation state of Asgardia.

Wikipedia snip:
Asgardia, officially known as the Space Nation of Asgardia is a proposal for nation announced on October 12, 2016 by Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, the founder of the Aerospace International Research Centre and Chairman of UNESCO‘s Science of Space Committee.[2] The proposed nation intends to promote peace and collaboration as mankind expands into outer space and ultimately aims to be recognised as a nation state. The draft constitution[3] declares Asgardia to be a Constitutional Monarchy with Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli the Head of Nation. The draft constitution permits Asgardia to create laws that are legally binding on its citizens.

Asgardia Flag
Asgardia Flag

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